Karen signing autographs outsideThe View - September 29th 2014

"… Why would you say that?"

—The Doctor, heartbroken and confused as to why Clara continues to lie to herself and deny everything. (via clara-oswcld)
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In need of book recs

I enjoy adventures and teen romances and science fiction

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3.14 // 4.01


#shuttity up might be the closest we get to twelve saying fuckity bye

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Why has no one gif’d the bedroom scene yet, y’all are letting me down

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davidtennnantsfreckles requested: ten + “my rose is so cute” face

«Rory is the most beautiful man I have ever met»

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doctor who extras | 8.05 time heist

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I sometimes think, ‘If I knew what made Sarah Jane so popular, I’d bottle it’. I love her as a character, and I credit Barry (Barry Letts) for instilling something special in the character. He is a true gentle and honourable man and has such a wonderful take on life. I took some of that influence for Sarah. You also scavenge some of what you are as well. But, I wish I was more like her.

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saved the world, then?

that’s what we do.

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